City Of Vancouver – Problem Rental Buildings Database

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Landlords, make sure your buildings do not get onto this database….

Renters in Vancouver will have a new tool at their disposal to figure out if their home is substandard or in trouble with the city. On Wednesday the city published online a searchable database of all rental buildings with five or more units that have run into trouble with city inspectors.

That database, which allows anyone to browse the list in its entirety, search by address or examine via a Google map, is part of city council’s pledge to make it easier for renters to know whether the buildings they are living in or want to rent in have been cited by the city as having fire, life safety, maintenance, electrical, plumbing or other issues.

The City publishes the Rental Standards database to:
•Motivate property owners and landlords to keep their properties in good order for renters
•Help renters make more informed decisions about where they live

    What type of rental properties are ncluded in this database?

The database contains records for all licensed buildings in Vancouver with five or more residential units. Both privately and publicly owned units are included.
This includes:
•Single-room occupancy hotels
•Purpose-built rental housing
•Non-market housing
•Supportive housing units

These types of rentals are not included.

•Single family homes
•Laneway housing
•Secondary suites
•Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes
•Strata buildings
•Buildings that are not licensed rentals


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