How would you like to buy a house via unreserved auction?

Canadian based company The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House is pleased to announce the successful sale of Nautica Vista, a private luxury lakeside mansion located in the exclusive Sheerwater development in Kelowna, B.C. With the lake as their backdrop, nine bidders competed during a live auction to own the property.

Unreserved Auction home

Nautica Vista, one of the Okanagan’s most spectacular homes, sold on Tuesday June 25th by unreserved auction for $4.7 million; making it one of the highest selling homes in the Okanagan in the past 5 years. The auction was handled in cooperation with the Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Group.

The Garage Sale Luxury Auction House’s global marketing campaign generated over 11,464 website visitors from around the world, including 6,160 in June alone. Canada, led by BC, AB and Ontario, accounted for the majority of the traffic followed closely by the United States with California and New York leading the way. There were a total of 66 serious inquiries, 73 showings and 9 registered bidders.

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