Property taxes 101…

Property Taxes are due today. What are property taxes?
An annual local government tax levied on real property based on BC Assessment’s estimated market value. Local governments calculate the tax by dividing the annual budget by total assessed property values. In rural areas, the province assigns the tax rate. Rates vary among property classes: residential, business, light and heavy industry, farm, recreation, utility and managed forest land.

The assessed value of each property is typically determined annually by BC Assessment, as of the previous July 1.

Where do I find out what my property taxes are?
Look at your tax notice which was delivered by mail in late May or early June. You can also check your local government web site, which may have information. For example, the City of Vancouver has a property tax web page where you can find your account balance. For information contact your local government tax office or BC OnLine.

Anything else you wanted to know about property taxes but were afraid to ask?.

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