How I keep my buyers and sellers informed, involved and empowered.

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Helping you avoid becoming a stale listing…..
• Knowledgeable pricing – If your home is priced even a dollar higher than a specific buyers parameters, you will be excluded from their home search. Pricing accordingly can lead to a lot of avoidable stress for you if you understand how your realtor determines the right price for your home.
• Pricing your home right— As a 25 year resident of Vancouver, and with an extensive involvement in the communities, I am armed with a thorough knowledge of our city and have my pulse on the events that play an important role in our community. I conduct an extensive comparative market analysis of your neighborhood, I inform you about what has been selling and what properties have become a stale dated listing. I take an average of the most similar homes to yours and we (you and I) determine the best price for your property. I compare this average that we arrive, at to your assessment and it gives you a strong idea of how your home should be priced with regards to your city’s assessed value.
• Strong Effective Marketing – The majority of showings occur in the first few weeks of marketing. This is a crucial period and marketing is a very important factor at this time. Sutton has over 19 offices and over 1,837 agents. With a personal database of over 3000 realtors and clients, your listing gets the most maximum exposure possible. Sutton consistently sells more homes in British Columbia than any other real estate brokerage and I am proud to be part of this Number one team
• Excellent Communication – During this period, you will receive feedback from me. I do not list and walk away from your listing, simply waiting for buyers to come knocking. Some realtors are fishermen and some are hunters. The choice is yours to make! I will continue to market heavily and protect your most valued investment until we arrive at our desired goal. – Getting top dollar market value for your investment!!

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