Avoid being stale dated…Making sure home your stands out after you list it…


Okay Sellers, Its been 30 days, 70 days, 120 days…you’ve staged, you’ve baked the cookies, you’ve tried to price the property right, with the help of your realtor, but somehow nothing, absolutely nothing is happening.

What have you done wrong, think you have done wrong and how can you make this work.
You’ve searched online, you’ve seen your listing but is anyone else seeing your listing?
There are several ways to make sure your listings stand out and ALL depend on the realtor. Realistically, it has to be you and your realtor.


The most obvious way to make your listing stand out is obviously by making sure your home is priced right. This may sound obvious but when comparing apples to apples, buyers will always want to see the lowest priced homes first.
If your home is even priced one dollar above or below a specific buyers parameters, he/she will never see your home.

    Be proactive…

You can be pro-active and it involves you knowing exactly how much the homes that are like yours in the neighborhood are also selling or and if they are selling. It involves a fair amount of sleuthing.
Get on the MLS, know the listings in your area. When they dissappear, ask your realtor if they were sold or simply taken off the market.


Most agents do traditional marketing: flyers, ads and “Just Listed” cards. You must think differently, to think out of the proverbial box. Use a more direct response oriented, target marketing approach.

Ask yourself, who is the natural “move up” buyer for my listing? Target your marketing to surrounding apartments or homes. Send the “best case scenario” marketing piece which includes your lenders information, monthly payment and closing costs.
You must give potential buyers a reason to call you.


Obviously,if your property is only available to be shown by appointment between 3:00-3:15 on Sunday mornings or 24 hours notice must be given and you must be there to accompany etc, etc, your property will not get shown very often, will they?
You must make it as easy as possible. You must remove all obstacles to gaining access to your listings.

I work as a team with my sellers and together, we come up with strategic ways to prevent your property from becoming a stale listing. Call me today and find out how…604-415-9800. I keep my sellers and buyers informed,involved and empowered.