Wellness Real Estate…Can an apartment keep you healthy?

    delos living

    You’ve heard of wellness spas, wellness living but Wellness real estate?. The internal private space of our lives is an extension of our values and choices – shaping the way you live, interact and socialize with the world. Therefore…Can an apartment keep you healthy and most importantly is your health worth $50 million to you?. Up to $50m at least for now.

    Now envision a future where our environments – the places where we live, work and play – contribute actively to our happiness, health and wellbeing. With this vision, Delos pioneered the concept of Wellness Real Estate™ – merging medical science with design and construction to reinvent the role and impact of the built environment on our health.

    Deepak Chopra , Leonrdo Di Caprio are some of those who have subscribed to a new style of sustainable real estate. Somehow I suspect Gwyneth Paltrow is a Delos disciple as well.
    Sustainable real estate is one of the fastest growing multi trillion market of real estate. This branch of real estate is growing fast alongside the health and wellness industry.

    It involves features such as supportive flooring(to ease the impact on hips, knees and joints). Circadian lighting (to improve sleep), Anti-microbial coatings for high bacteria areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
    Blue flourescent lighting installed in bathrooms that help strip the body of melatonin which is produced during sleep and boosts the production of cortisol – that dreaded hormone that causes the pounds to pack quite a bit around your waistline.

    This groundbreaking trend is quite steep costing anywhere from $14.5m to $50m and for those that are not ready to commit to such numberes or a new apartment, these features can be installed in existing homes.