How to create the perfect spring floral arrangement…..

Perfect is as perfect does but here is truly invaluable advise from the experts.  As a garden obsessed individual, it really is too early to harvest the long, tall, stunningly beautiful dahlias, peonies, hellebores etc in most of our private gardens. Fortunately we have nurseries. florists….and floral experts. to read more…Head over to Veranda where they break it down to the simple.

“It’s best to start with branches and/or greenery to create the shape of your arrangement,” explains Nicolette Owen from Brooklyn-based Nicolette Camille Floral Design. “Once you have the backdrop of greenery in place, add your showy blooms (such as ranunculus, roses, and hellebores). My favorite kind of floral arrangement is one that feels freshly gathered—almost as if it is still growing with lots of movement and vigor.”

Her tip for a more natural display? “Try using a flower frog or pin holder instead of floral foam.”


1. Set a Plan: Determine which colors you want to showcase, varieties you would like to use, and the proper vessel to contain their stems.

2. Lay the Foundation: Use floral foam or a grid of tape to establish the shape of the arrangement with greenery before placing your more show-stopping blooms.

3. Consider Composition: When placing your stems or branches, pay attention to how your eye moves across and around the display to make sure you’re keeping things interesting.

4. Play With Texture: Incorporating a variety of greenery and textured flowers (especially when working in a restrained color palette) will really up the wow-factor.

5. Embrace the Season: Always use flowers that are in season,” advises Zaratsian. And Owen agrees: “The spring season ushers in so many beautiful flowers, I love to use them to create arrangements that are lush, romantic and a bit rambling.” Try to stick with branches and blooms that are in season. Not only will they tend to be less expensive, but there are so many fantastic seasonal options right now, why wouldn’t you?


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