How to avoid being one of “those” guys at an Open House…

Open House

#5: Don’t Bring Pets – Seriously?
Does this really need to be spelled out? “Those guys” at the Open House are the ones who show up at the doorway with their shaggy border collies, and then casually ask, “Is it okay if Fido comes inside?” No, it’s not okay. The seller might be allergic to pets. Or he might not want a stranger’s dog tromping across his carpet. Avoid the awkward question, and leave your pets at home.

We all love our dogs so it comes as a surprise that anyone would bring any dog bigger than a chihuahua to an open house according to Rule #5…But apparently people do.
At any and every open house I have done however…I can tell you the majority of the walk throughs are actually neighbours – Gasp!!:-) so make sure you snoop with finesse if you get the urge to drop in and see what your neoghbours decorating style is all about.
I’m sure none of us know anyone who is actually guilty of these faux pas at any open house – No!!. However just in case you know someone, hint very gently by alerting them to this article I found in the Forbes Real Estate segment and of all the very useful “tips”, this was my favourite.

#1: Don’t Act Like You’re at a Playground
#2: Don’t Lose Track of Your Children
#3: Don’t Mess with Lights and Doors
#4: Don’t Leave Your Items Strewn About
#5: Don’t Bring Pets
#6: Don’t Move Items Around
#8: Don’t Steal Anything (Including Food)
#9: Don’t Make Snide Remarks – As obvious as this last tip is, it is the most common faux pas. Buyers often forget that cosmetic style differences dont matter ultimately in the purchase of a house if you truly have found a great house.

Remember – The seller does not come along as an interior designer with the purchase of your new place.

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