The final word in Vancouver Real Estate? – Micro Condos….Micro Living.

Yep!….The dream used to be a white picket fence not anymore. With Vancouver real estate market reaching stratospheric height and condos becoming increasingly unaffordable, Enter Micro Condos. Certainly not for everyone but we are definitely seeing a change in housing trends and newer forms of home affordability.


In Japan, where there are 873 people per square mile (versus nine in Canada), some of its famous “one-room mansions” (wan rumu mansion) are as small as 110 sq.ft., but modern, functional and well-designed.

Tiny, cramped Hong Kong, with 18,000 people per square mile, has gone even further — and caught the attention of human rights groups in the process — with its shocking 40-sq.-ft cubicle apartments. Unlike Japan’s one-room mansions, these micro dwellings are illegal. There are  suites as small as 150 sq. ft in Mumbai.

Micro Condos are being billed as “affordable luxury,” for now in Vancouver and a way to purchase something for under $100,000 in Greater Vancouver’s hot real estate market.

Space-saving strategies include a clothes rack that slides out from the wall, rather than a traditional closet with opening doors. The display suite’s couch pulls out into a bed.

“We’re using the volume of the space, not just the square footage of the space,” Morrison said.

The suite boasts stainless steel appliances, but on a smaller scale. Whether we like this or not, I think we can expect to see more of Micro Condos.