Top 10 Search items by Canadian Real Estate Buyers Online….

More and more Sellers and Buyers of Real Estate are increasingly becoming savvy about their real estate needs and investments. Here are additional resources to help you make a successful home purchase or sale..

With over 90% of Canadians using the internet to find a new home, the Top 10 Search Terms on were as follows:bb5

  1. In-Law Suite
  2. Finished Basement
  3. Suite
  4. Walkout Basement
  5. Bungalow
  6. Pet Friendly
  7. Parking
  8. Workshop
  9. Income Suite
  10. Loft

So, what came out on top? Nationally, “in-law suite” and “finished basement” were the top two search terms used. Mortgage helpers are not surprisingly extremely popular.

This November will be the fifth anniversary of Financial Literacy Month (FLM), a month-long awareness campaign to promote the importance of making informed financial decisions and developing healthy financial habits. In celebration of FLM, CREA’s popular Homebuyers’ Road Map will launch in three of the top newcomer languages in Canada: Punjabi, Tagalog and Simplified Chinese.

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