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How To Put Together A Stylish Bar Cart

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1. Show off your local spirit

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You don’t have to go far to stock up on top-shelf bottles, syrups and bitters. From unique flavours to splashy labels designed by indie artists, homegrown craft distilleries are overflowing with refreshing options.

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2. Get the prettiest accessories for the job

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Barware essentials like shaker sets, cloth napkins and coasters double as decor. Let your personality shine by pairing bold patterns with unexpected textures.

3. Grow your own ingredients

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Potted herbs like mint, rosemary and basil add a fragrant touch and a lush pop of colour to your cart and your cocktails; garnish your concoctions with a sprig or two before serving.

4. Pick statement glassware

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Keep everything on display to create an inviting, laid-back vibe. Shapely coupes, dainty flutes and gold-rimmed tumblers lend an eclectic look to the arrangement.

5. Shake things up with a mocktail

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Swap your go-to beverages for something a little lighter—non-alcoholic spirits are buzzier than ever, with full-bodied flavour profiles meant to mimic everything from gin to whisky.

6. Hit the books

For those nights when you want to go beyond an old-fashioned, keep a mixology guide (or two) on hand for inspiration.

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