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Keep sources of creativity and inspiration close at hand with the best coffee-table tomes for an impeccably curated centerpiece

Now so much more than ever, Home has taken on a very significant position in our lives.

Now that we are spending a lot of time in it….lets make it a place we truly would not want to leave.

For those of you itching to travel, or simply wanting to cultivate your mind, these coffee table books serve as a great way to learn about something new.

Coffee table books serve many purposes. The massive photography books are most popularly used to add color or texture to an, otherwise, bare coffee table. They also provide idle guests (when we finally have them back in our homes) with reading materials to keep occupied during extended waiting periods and artists with coveted gifts to unwrap at Christmas. Aside from its ornamental and entertaining purposes, coffee table books serve as a historical and cultural index that captures time, community movements, and heritage through photography and supporting text.    

Looking for inspiration for your coffee table? Look no further…Here are a few suggestions.

AFRICAN TWILIGHT – The Vanishing Rituals and Ceremonies of the African Continent 

African Twilight from Rizollo is the two-volume, slipcased magnum opus of the two pioneering documentary photographers of African tribal cultures and ceremonies–a world that is quickly vanishing before our very eyes.

Now, nearly two decades after these photographer’s landmark African Ceremonies and with a greater sense of urgency, this book completes the journey, covering disappearing rituals and ceremonies from some of the most inaccessible corners of the African continent, to create the definitive statement on this subject. This new landmark volume will set the standard for capturing a visual testament to the vanishing traditions of African peoples.No other book like this exists or can ever be created again, as more than 40 percent of what has been documented here has already vanished.

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Over the last decade, dozens of coffee table books have been produced that document Africa and the diaspora’s contemporary fashion, art, architecture, design, and photography producers. Whether highlighting the works of photographer Kwame Brathwaite in Brooklyn or architect David Adjaye in Ghana, the coffee table books documenting Black people and culture have been a much-needed source of inspiration. 

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CINEMA ON PAPER by Dwight M Cleveland

This volume brings together more than 100 film posters in a rich observation of the visual depictions made to capture “a movie’s essence with arresting precision”. Spanning genres and decades between the turn of the 20th century and the start of the 2000s, expect representations of some of the most well-known features in Hollywood history alongside cult classics and indie films.

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CENTRAL NIGERIA UNMASKED : Arts of the Benue River Valley

The Benue River Valley is the source of some of the most abstract, dramatic, and inventive sculpture in sub-Saharan Africa. A vast region, the Valley extends from the heart of present-day Nigeria eastward to its border with Cameroon, and is home to a large number of ethnic and linguistic groups, all of whom have produced sculptures that are remarkable for their variety.

This book brings together figurative wood sculptures and ceramic vessels, masks, and elaborate bronze and iron regalia drawn from public and private collections in Europe and the United States, selected to exemplify important typologies within the region, along with many historical photographs. The 18 contributors demonstrate that the stylistic tendencies were constantly evolving due to cultural exchanges, mutual influences, and other points of contact in an area that like the Benue River itself was historically in a state of flux. These objects speak to us not only through their superb formal qualities but also through the circumstances of their being rooted in a turbulent past, situated between war and colonization.

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CAPRI DOLCE VITA by Cesare Cunaccia

This book is all about ‘la dolce vita’ of the storied Neapolitan island – which has been enjoyed as a destination since at least the Roman Empire – and evokes the illustrious spirit and style of the Mediterranean. As important a part of the island as the ancient charm of its sights, including the Piazzetta, are the creatives and style icons who have enjoyed the resort over the years, depicted in the fabric of its rich history.

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National Geographic takes you on a photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations, inspiring tangible ideas for your next trip. Hundreds of the most breathtaking locales—both natural and man-made—are illustrated with vivid images taken by the organization’s world-class photographers. These images, coupled with evocative text, feature a plethora of visual wonders: ancient monoliths, scenic islands, stunning artwork, electric cityscapes, white-sand seashores, rain forests, ancient cobbled streets, and both classic and innovative architecture. Loaded with hard service information for each location, Destinations of a Lifetime has it all: when to go, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do to ensure the most enriching and authentic experience.

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