If you are looking for greenbelts, larger lots and a quiet natural residential neighborhoods, take a look at the upscale areas of north Coquitlam including Westwood Plateau, Hockaday, Burke Mountain and the smaller Park Ridge Estates.

Westwood Plateau | Hockaday | Burke Mountain |Park Ridge Estates.

The closest neighborhoods to Hockaday include New Horizons, Westwood Plateau, North Coquitlam and Scott Creek. Out of the nearby neighborhoods, Westwood Plateau has the highest average home price of $1,414,000 and North Coquitlam has the most affordable average home price of $706,000.


Welcome to living in the Tri-Cities, traditionally the preferred choice of families moving to Metro Vancouver. The right mix of Urbanism, Nature, great neighborhoods, transit and Activities make these communities very activities to young families as well as Adults who prefer a softer approach to Urban living