One of the primary objectives for the Oceanfront District is to reconnect this part of the City with Port Moody’s historic core area and the rest of Moody Centre with the ocean by introducing an urban presence along the water. The district
is envisioned as a vibrant high-density mixed-use area where the water’s edge is integral to the experience.


The maximum permitted density of development on the site for all uses combined is 357,064m2 of gross floor area. The maximum permitted density of all forms of residential development on the site, including live-work, is 314,794m2 of gross floor area and 3,397 units. This maximum excludes
any congregate care facility.

A minimum of 5,110m2 of the residential development shall be purpose-built permanent rental accommodation.

A minimum of 2,785m2 of private indoor amenity floor space shall be provided on the site, which may be in a central facility or disbursed among phases. All private indoor amenity space shall be excluded from the maximum permitted density of development on the site set out in Policy 2.

The maximum permitted building height on the site is 38 storeys

We will continue to update this page as we get information on the progress of the Oceanfront District.